dianacrawls – A Glitter Manifesto Ep Stream

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dianacrawls – A Glitter Manifesto Ep Stream

Aww gosh – I’m so excited to present you a new release by dianacrawls. This band is just the definition of likeable.

But let’s start from the beginning – dianacrawls is a four piece funkviolence/experimental screamo band from Montreal and they were formed back in 2018. Last release came out just some months ago – an incredible split with Massa Nera, Frail Body, and Infant Island.

“A Glitter Manifesto” is going to be released by lovely No Funeral Records and it’s a ten minutes experience – a huge blend of raw skramz – funk, electronic, country elements. And by huge I mean – this whole record is freaking huge – and the name was such a good choice.

Enough words. Enjoy this ride – it’s soooo worth it.