Miss The Stars Screamo Sampler VIII is up now

Emoviolence, Screamo -

Miss The Stars Screamo Sampler VIII is up now

number eight – wow – thanks for still caring and listening – it really means the world to me. hope you like and find something on it.
the sampler is for free – as always – and every donation will go to “Mission Lifeline” to help refugees. they doing an amazing job and need all the support they can get.


thanks to all the incredible bands:
Marais, Bagdadski Vor, revenate, bleiche, mis sueños son de tu adiós, Closedown,「moreru」, p.s.you’redead, in memories, Satón, Vorágine, To Be Gentle, Altair, May, Yume, Collosus, Library Hours, We Are On Fire, Alas, mira, norse, mirin bide, Amitié, Vientre, kafka., Det är därför vi bygger städer

much love