One Dying Wish – Origami Stream

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One Dying Wish – Origami Stream

One Dying Wish is a four piece screamo band hailing from Turin, Italy. The band was formed at the end of 2016 – their debut ep, “Paura di Farcela”, was released in 2018 – and was already a stunning record in the veins of american and italian screamo/hxc/emo bands.

In 2020 – you may have already heard a new track called “Mediterraneo” on the MTS Screamo Sampler, which I released in march. Now I’m super happy to present you the full stream of the upcoming record “Origami”.

Ony Dying Wish is a a Saetia reference and yeah that’s always a good thing – the band itself describes the name as – “One Dying Wish” is the name of a friendship: our songs are pieces of four different lives that intertwine and become, from time to time, a love story, a political manifesto, a self-awareness session.”

“Sometimes I wish I had framed the right words with an arrow over time”

La strada di casa

Love that description and you’ll hear that friendship and passion in every single tune – its immense. Seems like this band takes all the best parts of screamo, emo and hardcore and puts it together in the most astounding way. Origami is a piece of diy art.

This could be a long long love-letter but I know y’all just wanna stream it – so here we go. Enjoy.

(I’ll be sitting here for another hour and listen to “Come origami” on repeat as it is the most beautiful thing I heard this week)