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Emoviolence, Screamo -

hey punx,new mts screamo sampler and super important for me general – without screamo – I think I would’ve already lost myself somewhere in the last years. thank you all. thanks to the bands. the labels. the people caring and listen. you are all important. please stay safe.the sampler is for free/pay-what-you-want. if people donate money – everything goes to Sea-Watch (sea-watch e.V. is a non-profit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the central med.)much love,alex Miss The Stars - Screamo Sampler VII by Miss The Stars Records


Hardcore, Screamo -

So two of the best current screamo / hardcore bands from europe came together for a split? Damn, it’s already such a great year for the underground diy scene. Кальк (ex members of Mørder and Chuck Bass) are an emoviolence/screamo/synth punk band hailing from kiel/germany – their first record in 2017 was already a high-praised one and these two new songs are another example of how ridiculously good this band is. Can’t bloody wait for the new full length they are working on. Gonna be pure fire. On the other side of the split we got the swedish sweethearts from Barabbas, du förtappade. A++...