Naedr - Past is Prologue

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Naedr (pronounced “nadir”) is a Singaporean screamo band formed in early 2019. A supergroup of sorts, Naedr is composed of members of established Singaporean acts, such as Paris in the Making, susurrus, Amateur Takes Control, C.L.A.W., Bethari, and hauste, amongst others.

With each member hailing from widely different musical backgrounds, Naedr aims to bring a new sound to the table, where each of the members’ creative backgrounds can be heard, against the familiar backdrop of classic screamo.

So glad to be part of the first release called "Past is Prologue". This is the pre-order for the vinyl version. Released together with Zegema Beach Records and Illuminate My Heart (my darling) Records.


naedr /ˈneɪdɪə,ˈnadɪə/
origin: english (nadir)
noun: nadir; plural noun: nadirs
1. the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation.