Piri Reis / Coma Regalia - Split

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Lower price because the sleeves are damaged. If you have any questions let me know.

After 95% of the actually sleeves were heavy ruined (they all had major damages) during the shipping process. Shawn from coma regalia worked on a new/different sleeves only for Miss The Stars Records.

So this is the special edition available on yellow and black vinyl.

Coma Regalia comes full circle with this new split with Piri Reis which features ex members of Quantis with whom they did their very first split!

4 songs by Piri Reis in legendary vein of Utarid/Kias Fansuri/Daghila and 7 songs by Coma Regalia.

Manila envelope cover with screen printed back/ triptych art pieces that play out on the other side of each band’s lyric page.

Released via Middle Man Records, Miss The Stars Records and Framecode.